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Dr Margherita Di Carlo


Dr. Di Carlo is a principal doctor at McKinley Medical Centre. She began her practice at McKinley in 1993 with over 30 years’ of experience as a GP and now shares that knowledge and passion as an educator with medical students and new GP registrars.

Marghi has a special interest in Shared Obstetrics Care, Chronic Disease Management and Geriatrics, visiting nursing homes in the area. Marghi is an authorised Prescriber with the TGA for Medicinal Cannabis Products, having completed specialised training with the Australian & New Zealand College of Cannabinoid Practitioners. This treatment is used for chronic pain management, intractable nausea and for pallative care.

Marghi treats generations of families and has been a part of their life journey. She is a keen bushwalker and loves, aerobics and knitting.

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