Are you a bulk billing practice?

No. We are a private billing practice and payment on the day of consultation is required.

How do I know which days my doctor consults?

Please feel free to check the online booking system HotDoc to see what days each doctor consults.

Do you have podiatry at your practice?

Yes. Please visit HotDoc to view available booking times.

Do I need an appointment for a Script or Referral?

For all referrals you require an appointment.

Some scripts can be requested by a ‘Repeat Prescription’ request via HotDoc. Your doctor may not approve the request for certain medications. In this instance you will require an appointment.

How do I know that the messages I receive from HotDoc is not one of these scams? How is patient privacy protected with HotDoc Results?
Patient privacy is protected because we do not share any personal details about the test results in the SMN or push notification. A patient will receive an SMN/push notification saying that they have a Result Message and to click on the link to view. Once they click on this link, they are taken to a secure verification page where they go through an identity check to ensure that we are showing the result message to the right person. We don’t reveal the name of the test in any of our messages.
How do we determine if a patient is close enough to the practice to check in via mobile?

The patient needs to be within 100m of the practice to check-in successfully. If they’re too far away, we’ll advise them to try again at the practice or check-in at reception.

Can new patients check themselves in?

No. New patients will be asked to come to the front reception desk as we often don't have enough information to arrive the patient, and this gives the reception team the opportunity to gather any necessary new patient information.

Does HotDoc store my credit card details for future appointments?
No. Due to your privacy and the security of your personal financial details, you will be required to enter your payment details for each appointment.